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Chimney Sweeping

We cannot emphasise the importance of having your chimney swept regularly. Whether your fire is in daily use as your main source of heating, or on occasionally in the winter, we advise having your chimney swept every 6 months. Over time your chimney becomes a hazard, and living with an unswept chimney can significantly impact your fire, your home and your health.

Maintaining a clean chimney will ensure that your fire burns correctly, your flue is unclogged, dangers such as carbon monoxide poisoning are significantly reduced, as well as being safe from bird nests, soot build up and any other debris that may have found its way into the chimney. Having your chimney swept can also help detect other issues, such as the chimney lining being dislodged, which can lead to mortar joints being exposed, increasing the risk of corrosion to building work and bricks, which can lead to the collapse of your chimney over time. Call us today to arrange an appointment on 01858 41 00 33

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Stove & Fire Maintenance, Cleaning & Cleaning Products

As well as Installing your fire or stove, we also carry out maintenance work, ensuring your stove is kept in good working condition and extending the life of your fire. One of our stove experts can come to your home and give your stove the works, just call us to arrange an appointment on 01858 41 00 33.

As well as servicing your fire for you, we also keep a constant stock of practical products to help you with the general maintenance and up keep of your fire yourself. We have Cleaners, Cements & Sealants, Paints, Polishes & Oils, all to help you maintain your fires' form and function.

We also have Replacement Coals & Stove Rope as well as Stove fans, Thermometers, Moisture Meters & C02 Alarms to ensure your fire is in great working order and as safe as it can be.

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Masonry & Memorial Services & Cleaning

Our masons may lovingly hand carve beautiful stone work, but they also like to maintain and restore work back to it's former glory. We can re-level, clean, re-guilt, restore & add new lettering to memorials, we also provide new vases, flower pots and squares in our Market Harborough showroom.

The same can be said for any stone or masonry. No restoration is to big or too small, we can clean original stonework or restore or replace anything which is beyond saving.

We carry a constant stock of marble and stone cleaners in our Market Harborough showroom if that is what you require.

Whether it be brick-work, carvings, statues or monuments, we can access what work needs doing, clean, restore or replace, and see your job completed to the highest standard. Contact us today, from 9.30am - 4pm, on 01858 41 00 33

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